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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Warrior Cats from the Warrior Cats Saga

I'm an absolute fanatic when it comes to the Warrior Cats Saga by Erin Hunter! Oddly enough, I didn't come across this series as a child. It was a little after my time, as I was more interested in Redwall by Brian Jacques at that point, as well as other longer books. It wasn't until I was a junior in college - yes, COLLEGE - that I picked up the first book. And from then on, I was instantly hooked. Luckily, we had a children's section at my university - meant to be used by Education majors in their papers and such - but I secretly read them for the fun of it. Now, I've read all the books and I'm eagerly awaiting new additions to the series. Below are the top five cats I've come to love in the series. 

All pictures used in this post DO NOT belong to me. They were created by talented artists of off DeviantArt. Below the pictures will be links to their DA profiles. Check them out - they're all very talented!

Credit to Marshcold from DA

Number Five: Hollyleaf 

Hollyleaf is a mysterious cat from the Power of Three series and littermate to Lionblaze and Jayfeather. She's a compelling character through the entire third series, but it isn't until the final book, Sunrise, that she really shows her true colors. She driven, determined and ruthlessly holds grudges  - to the point that she hurts another cat to get revenge for her family. In the novella about her, we learn more about what happened after her big scene in the final book. She's definitely a mystery and elicits enough feels for the number five spot.

Credit to ThorinFrostclaw at DA

Number Four: Cinderpelt

Cinderpelt is not only a loveable character, but her story is also one of the most tragic throughout the entire Warriors Saga. As a 'kit and 'paw, she longed to be a Warrior, but in an accident she loses the ability to properly use her back leg, so she ends up being an apprentice Medicine Cat. Not only that, but she had a crush on one of the most eligible toms in ThunderClan, as well as one of the most tradgic endings. For fear of divulging too many spoilers, I'll simply say that she's a character that will pull at your heartstrings and leave you rooting for her the entire series. 

Credit to Momma-Ran at DA 

Number Three: Graystripe 

Graystripe is one of the pivotal characters throughout several series additions in the Warriors Saga. As a best friend to Firestar, he manages to get dragged along on many of the adventures that his friend gets into. Not only that, but he gets into his own decent amount of trouble. Like Cinderpelt, he had a pretty dramatic relationship. In addition to his memorable antics, he's a jokester and will keep the readers on their toes and asking for more of him!

Credit to Kuiwi from DA

Number Two: Yellowfang

Yellowfang is, initially, one of those characters you love to hate. She's mysterious and when you first meet her in the series, you don't know what to think of her - much like the rest of the ThunderClan cats. Firestar (then, Firepaw) takes an interest to her, and - eventually - a liking to her. As he learned more about her twisted past, the reader begins to sympathize with the grumpy and hostile cat. I learned to love her harsh, but honest words as well as her cynical view on life. She's definitely a memorable cat - one that I'll always remember fondly despite her sins - and that earned her the number two spot. 

Credit to Khatoolah from DA

Number One: Jayfeather

Jayfeather is perhaps one of the most interesting and important characters in the Power of Three and Omen of the Stars series. He was born blind but despite his handicap, he probably sees and knows more than any other cat in all the clans. He was gifted with a different kind of sight, where he is able to look into the past, as well as "become"other cats while dreaming. With his gift, he makes one of the most successful ThunderClan medicine cats, and - with his snarky, sarcastic and no-nonsense attitude - he's completely enthralled me. In a way, he's taken me on more adventures than even Firestar. I hope to read more about him in the coming Super Edition, Bramblestar's Storm. Nothing would make me happier than to see more of him in the future!


  1. Gosh this post brings me memories! I used be be completely obsessed with the Warrior series! (Hint: My name "Goldenfur" on Goodreads is my Warrior name) I still love the series, but I felt that it was getting too repetitive so I stopped :( Of course, I discovered them wen I was in the age range (6th grade) but I attribute the series for getting me into reading!
    ANYWAY! Enough of this walking down memory lane! This is a really great list! I remember that Jayfeather was my favorite character in the series XD

    1. Thanks! I really enjoyed coming up with the list. XD I understand what you mean by them getting a little repetitive, though. Somehow, I still find them strangely addicting. I guess it's because I just fell in love with the whole world in general. Some of the plots might be repetitive, but I like getting to know the different cats and such. I really like the newest series, which deals with how the original clans came about. At least the history gives it a new angle. I'm also eagerly awaiting Bramblestar's Storm next month. I'll probably be writing a review on that, too! Haha!

      Incidentally, I'd love to read more about SkyClan, too, or for them to have their own series. Maybe I just need to become an Erin Hunter, lol. Thanks for the comment. ^-^