Real Life Sucks!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

So, if any of you follow my blog pretty closely, you will have noticed that I've posted NOTHING for, like, six weeks now. >.<

Unfortunately, this is what happens when you're in graduate school, working, and struggling with everyday, mundane chores. In short, real life just sucks! University is coming to an end for the winter and that is always a good thing, but that also brings with it finals, final projects, and annoying term papers. Luckily, I have no finals to study for, but I've had a pretty rough GIS final project to work on, involving a new system in the making, AnnAGNIPS. So, I've had to fight the learning curve by acquainting myself with an unfamiliar system while finishing a very important project.

Additionally, I have to take a really stupid and boring IT Systems class, one that I'm sure I'll never use in real life. And I have an annoying paper to write about crisis management. Zzzzz... But, alas, I need to it complete my degree and graduate in May! So, I'll throw the paper together and hope for the best.

Another part of my qualifications for a degree involve finding an internship and this had proved much harder than I previously thought. I've attended GIS conferences, handed out resumes, talked with all the right people, but still nothing. At the very least, I'm hoping to get an internship at my university on Campus Planning. It's not the most glamorous internship, but at this point, I'm just hoping I'll find one so I can graduate with my masters in May! If you're the praying type, send up a few prayers. If you believe in luck, keep your fingers crossed for me! I'll be doing the same. 

On a more personal note, I've been struggling with chronic sinus infections for several years now and it's getting to the point where I have to be on antibiotics every eight weeks or so and with asthma to top it all off, it's been pretty miserable. The past few months, I've been going to the allergist and, after extensive allergy testing, we've discovered that I'm allergic to just about everything where I live except Sycamore trees. =/ I had to take a CAT scan to see if there were issues with my sinuses themselves, but it seems all these allergies are what is causing all the sinus infections. I have to take allergy shots now, for the next three to five years, which means six shots total each week. Woohoo... But I'm hoping it will all be worth it in the end. 

Thanksgiving is coming up and I always try to take a moment to think about all the blessings I have. A supportive family, true friends, a job, a warm house to live in and food in my belly. But it's overshadowed when you work retail and have to work fourteen hours on Black Friday. -__- Be thankful, Brittany, be thankful!

On a more positive note, Christmastime is my favorite time of the year. All my favorite classic movies are already being shown on channels and I can't wait to see the first Family Guy Christmas special, as well as the Spongebob Christmas special! It's not Christmas without them. 

I also got a pretty new Christmas tree, which I can program to either have white or colored lights!

I also got some new ornaments for the season! I'm an absolute nerd when it comes to ornaments. There's Olaf, Elsa, Tris from Divergent, and a kitty Willow Tree!

Well, thanks for reading this ramble about how much real life stinks! Haha, I'd much rather be reading, and don't fret - posts will be coming for regularly now! Thanks for all your support, guys. You mean quite a lot to me! Now, I'm off to write a review. Check back soon! ;)


  1. Fingers crossed! Those classes sounds so difficult. Of course, I was an English Major in college and Library Science Grad school student...I'm not so good when it comes to math and science.

    I feel you when it comes to Black Friday - I'm also in retail and this year I'll be closing at the store...I can just imagine the shape the department will be in. And it won't be pretty!

    Nice new tree and ornaments! :)

  2. I seriously thought about being an English major in my undergrad years, as I love to read and write, but I quickly found out that majoring in it would require a bunch of useless papers and would just take all the fun out of writing. =/ So, I settled with archaeology and GIS. Luckily, there's not a ton of math - just statistics, otherwise I would fail utterly. XD

    Just make sure you bring a lot of caffeine for Black Friday! I work at JCP, and they try to make it as fun as possible with tons of food, sweets, and prizes. But still - 14 hours will be miserable. At least it'll be a good pay check.

    Thanks for dropping by! I love it when you visit! ^-^

    1. All of the papers definitely helped me to become a much a better writer. For my math/science credit in college, I took an astronomy class and I loved it. The math we did in the class, if any, was mostly conversions.

      I'm at Lowe's, so we're not really one of the early morning targets but things get crazy in the afternoon. They plan on keeping us well in food on Black Friday. That's true about the pay check!

    2. I bet it's pretty messy there already, though! That's actually where I got my Christmas tree. ;)

      We'll live, though! And then Christmas Break with be right around the corner!

  3. I hope you are feeling better! I've suffered sinus infections a few time in the past, one of the worst was when I was preparing for some exams which were the ones you have to do here in Spain to get into College, so yeah.... It was horrible. The tree looks great =) I'm dying to take mine out and start decorating but I'll wait a bit more. It's not very Christmassy here in Spain mainly because of the weather but well, what can you do?
    Oh, and good luck on Black Friday ;)

    1. Ugh, sinus infections are the worst, especially when they go on for too long and you end up getting a respiratory infection, too. I can only imagine how bad it was to have it while taking the entrance exam! I don't think I ever had them when I took my entrance exams, thankfully! The shots will take about a year to really work, but the doctors seem to be pretty confident that they will help all the infections in the end.

      Haha, I imagine it must not snow much in Spain. But it doesn't snow much here in the Southern US, either. But I was eager to put the tree up. ^-^

      And thanks for the luck! I'll definitely need it, lol.

      Thanks for stopping by. I always enjoy hearing from you! =)