Shipping Sunday #3

Sunday, November 30, 2014

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So, there's probably some sort of meme about this somewhere, but I haven't seen any so I decided to make my very own. In this meme, you talk about your favorite coupling in a book, or pit two "teams" against each other. We all have those "Team" stickers on our blogs, so why not devote a post or two to defending them? If you like this idea, feel free to do your own posts, just make sure to keep my link. Feel free to share your posts with me as well! I'd love to get to know all my blogger friends and followers a little better. =)
Sorry for the hiatus for this awesome meme! Oddly enough, Sunday always starts to roll around and I'm like, what ship do I want to talk about tomorrow??? Then I have a mini breakdown and usually don't post anything. =/ But this week, we're going to talk about two ships that girls fangirl over all over the world. Yes my dear readers, we're pitting Will Harondale and Jem Carstairs together!
Mmmm, Will or Jem? Where do I even start? I hope you guys are ready for a bunch of one-sided fangirling. XD 

Team Will: Ah, dear Will. What do say about you? I admit, he's handsome enough and his self confidence and cockiness even start to get to you after a while. Every girl probably dreams about having Will by her side fighting or even saving her from demons. But... I have to admit that if I had to choose, I'd definitely go with my lovely Jem. It took me FOREVER to really appreciate Will and the fact that he's a carbon copy of Jace gets a little annoying after a while. (And you could even argue that Tessa is a copy of Clary, but that's a post for another day.) I mean, can we just talk about the ending to Clockwork Angel? How harsh was Will to Tessa? I get that he was trying to distance her, but damn... Way to wrench her heart out. If I were Tessa, I don't know if I would have been able to really date Will without having those words echo in my ears. 

That said, though, I will admit that he does redeem himself. And I'd still like to have him around, even if he were only eye candy. 

Team Jem: Ah, my dear, sweet Jem. Literally, girls. You have no idea how hard I fell for him while reading The Infernal Devices. Unlike other characters, he has originality and I think that Cassie put a lot more effort into making Jem more likable and memorable than Will, in my honest opinion. Even the simple gestures he makes toward Tessa, such as walking with her and helping her down stairs are done with grace and the utmost respect. He's a true gentleman. *Swoons* 
And can we just talk about being serenaded in the middle of the night with a violin? Just the thought of it makes my knees weak. And, in general, Jem is just EVERYTHING I look for in a guy. His looks, his gentle spirit, his kindness, his courage and quiet strength. Just, oh my god, somebody make this boy come alive from this book right now! 
The only drawback is that when I meet guys in real life, I will before forever comparing them to Jem Carstairs. Perhaps I'll have to get him to read The Infernal Devices and take notes!

I'm sure you all can guess what side I ship, but just in case, here's the final verdict:

And just because it's true, I thought I'd post this. No offense to my Will shippers out there. ;)


  1. Will or Jem? Jem or Will? That was me reading TID but I went for Will LOL I can't resist a guy who loves reading classics, I just can't; but Jem is still the cutest!

    1. I know plenty of people who had the same problem. I liked Will enough, but I've always been a true Jem shipper. There's just something so alluring about him. *Le sigh* You have NO idea how pissed off I was when I read that CERTAIN part in Clockwork Princess. >.>

  2. I really liked reading both characters, but in the end I think I prefer Jem as a character. Like you said, he seems more unique in comparison to Will.

    1. I'm with you - he definitely is. *Swoons*