Throw Back Thursday - Redwall by Brian Jacques

Thursday, November 27, 2014

As the inhabitants of Redwall Abbey bask in the glorious Summer of the Late Rose, all is quiet and peaceful. But things are not as they seem. Cluny the Scourge, the evil one-eyed rat warlord, is hell-bent on destroying the tranquility as he prepares to fight a bloody battle for the ownership of Redwall. This dazzling story in the Redwall series is packed with all the wit, wisdom, humor, and blood-curdling adventure of the other books in the collection, but has the added bonus of taking the reader right back to the heart and soul of Redwall Abbey and the characters who live there.

Considering it's Thanksgiving, I thought it would be appropriate to post a Throw Back Thursday of the childhood read I appreciate the most and am dearly thankful for. 

Redwall by Brian Jacques will always be a gem of a book that will hold a special place in my heart. It was one of the first books to really get me into the fantasy genre and, with well over twelve books when I initially picked them up, I completely dove head first into the beautiful and sometimes dangerous world of Mossflower and Redwall Abbey. There were some very memorable characters and villains, but my favorites will always be Mattias, Martin the Warrior, Constance the badger, and the hilarious Basil Stag Hare. As far as the best books in the series, I liked Redwall, Mattimeo, and Mariel of Redwall, which introduces the first real heroine. 

I'm thankful for this series because it really opened up my imagination. In fact, some of the first writings I did were FanFics of this award winning series. I ended up writing quite a few book reports on them, too, earning plenty of A's. 

But what I'm most thankful for was that this was the series that one of my best friends, Lauren, and I bonded over. We both loved it and we often found ourselves playing in the woods with sticks, pretending they were swords and hoping to find the secret Abbey amongst the trees. We wrote fanfiction together and dreamt up our own characters.

Lauren, today I'm thankful for you and our amazing friendship! And Mr. Jacques, though you've passed on, I'll still be one of your biggest supporters - thank you for brightening the world with your amazing literature!


  1. I loved when books bond people, it melts my heart. I know the feeling because most of my childhood friends were made thanks to Harry Potter and we are still friends today and fangirling all over due to the amazing world J. K. Rowling created. I'm from Spain and we don't have Thanksgiving but we do take time to appreciate what we have in our lives when Christmas is nearer =)

    1. It's definitely special. This and the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants were the books that my two best friends and I bonded over. Harry Potter goes without saying, though. :P We all loved those, too, but this is a meme for the more obscure titles, lol.

  2. Reading this post has made me so nostalgic and immensely happy. I'm happy I found the interest to read books, because as a kid I used to run away if a novel came into my line of sight. Then I read The Seven Dials Mystery by Agatha Christie in 9th grade..It made me appreciate literature's beauty and helped my best friend & me to bond.
    A very touching and beautiful post Brittany :)

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment. I love doing these posts, simply because of the nostalgia factor. It's awesome that you can pinpoint the book that really made you into a book-a-holic! I'm not entirely sure what mine was...