The Opposite Book Tag!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

I've been tagged by Lauren at Always Me to do the Opposite Book Tag! Thanks, girl! It definitely looks like fun! Here we go!

First Book/Last Book in Your Collection

Well, this is the one
my Mom said was my favorite.
She couldn't remember the first
one I ever got. -__-

 Just got this one last
 week when the author
 came to my town on
 her book tour! =D

A Cheap Book/An Expensive Book

Averages about $6.99

Averages about $26.99

A Book with a Male Protagonist/A Book with a Female Protagonist

Perspective of Colin

Perspective of Davy

A Book You Read Fast/A Book You Read Slowly

Got it the day it came out
and read it within hours.

Took me weeks to read;
it was an acquired taste.

Gorgeous Cover/Hideous Cover

Beautiful! I love the rose
affect with the dress!

While I have much love for
Maya Banks, it's so generic.

A National Book/An International Book

One of my all-time favorites
and lives right close to me
in Atlanta, Georgia.

Lives half-way across the world
in Sydney, Australia.

A Thin Book/A Thick Book

Consists more of illustrations than
actual words... But I love it!

A whopping 725 Pages!

 A Fiction Book/A Non-Fiction Book

One of my favorite fictional
books of all time!

Touching memoir of a son and
his terminally ill mother.

A Romantic Book/An Action Book

A romantic book between a
girl and an Amish boy.

 A book packed with action
 in every chapter!


A Book That Made You Happy/A Book That Made You Sad

Because of all it's Jem-y
goodness! Mmm...

Yeah, I don't even have
to explain this one.

And that's it! I don't know who had done this an who hasn't, so if you read this and haven't done it, you're officially tagged! HA! Thanks again, Lauren!


  1. The Book Thief <3 +1000 LOL
    City of Heavenly Fire is a chunk of a book, thank goodness I read it as an ebook because I don't even know how I would be able to go around with it. I agree about The Maze Runner, so much action! And your pick for a book that made you sad is spot on!

    1. Ooh, I would've been so sad if I got it in Kindle form. I love my paper books, the bigger the better!

  2. It's interesting that my first favorite was about a tugboat, too... :)
    On Black Friday, I was considering getting the His Fair Assassin books, but Jackaby and The Walled City won out. They're on my tbr, though! I love Simon the Cat! Have you ever watched the videos? City of Heavenly Fire was a real brick of a book, wasn't it?
    Great post!

  3. Haha, great minds think alike! I actually have a Scuffy ornament on my tree. XD
    You should definitely get them at some point. I've only read the first in the series, but they're really great. I actually managed to get a signed copy of the first one and I'll be holding a giveaway once I reach 100+ followers.
    And Simon's cat is awesome! I love those little skits, especially the ones with the kitten in them. ^-^

    1. Ooh! I believe I'll be entering myself in that giveaway!

    2. Definitely! I'd do it sooner, but the last time I held a giveaway, like, 20 people signed up. -__- So, I'll wait until I have a little more traffic on my site. That, and I want to post with when I do a review, so I'll have to get around to reading Dark Triumph, soon. XD