Throw Back Thursday - The American Girl Series

Thursday, February 5, 2015


While her father is away fighting in World War II, Molly finds her life full of change as she eats terrible vegetables from the victory garden and plans revenge on her brother for ruining her Halloween.
This is a series that's always been pretty close to my heart. When I was especially little, I boycotted anything remotely girly. Mom dressed me until I was around five years old. I was her only girl, so I dealt with the fluffy dresses and curly tresses and all that mess. Until I finally decided to stop putting up with it. Around first grade, I started asserting my own independence and more often than not wore overalls instead of dresses. I played ball outside with my brothers and neighbors, roughed around on the trampoline and started devouring books one after the other. I really had no interest in Barbies or dolls. That was, until my cousin decided to get a My American Girl - the one who is supposed to look like you. I scoffed at first. Who needs dolls, right? But my grandmother continued getting the shopping catalogues and when I pursued through them one day and found this Historic based dolls, I completely fell in love.
Thus started a fifteen year love affair with American Girl. While I wasn't too interested in the ones that looked like you - they really had no real personality - I loved the stories that belonged with the historical characters. Molly's adventurous spirit, Kit's resourcefulness, Kaya's bravery, and Samantha's thoughtfulness. They all told such interesting stories and the fact that all the historical girls were based on certain time periods in American history gave me unique insight into my history that I might not have explored further when so young.
The first doll I ever got was Molly McIntire, who was growing up during World War Two. I mainly picked her because she was the tom-boy like doll, the only one with glasses. I got her when I was about ten and she's been a great friend ever since. In fact, fourteen other sisters have joined her over the years! I have an extensive collection and I don't plan to stop anytime soon. I read at least one book from each of the historical based characters, with a particular interest in Molly, Kit, and Kaya.
Looking back, the books probably aren't anything very special. They were incredibly short, but for a child who had never really read historical books before, they were like a window into a time I knew next to nothing about. I devoured them like potato chips.
Here's a few pictures from my collection, if you're interested. I always love nerding out about these things!
Here's my collection of doll outfits. Most, but not all, are historical outfits.
Not long ago, American Girl started to "retire" dolls, and the year before last Molly was selected to be retired. Considering I'd played with mine for years on end, she was a little worse for wear and didn't much look like Molly. So, I sent her to the "Doll Hospital" - to get a new head. She came back in a cute little hospital gown, with a hospital bracelet and heart socks. So cute! <3
And here's a picture of all my girls! From top to bottom, left to right: Elizabeth, Cecile, Felicity, Kaya, Rebecca, Kirsten, Caroline, Kit, Samantha, Nellie, Ivy, Molly, Emily, and (not pictured) Julie.
So, there you have it! My history and love affair with American Girl, from the books to the dolls. They're not as creepy as everyone claims, lol. I love them and plan to collect them for years to come. I hope to give them to my own daughter one day - if I ever have one. My luck, I'll be blessed with a bunch of boys. =P


  1. I love your collection!
    I never was into this series for some reason, in fact I don't really remembering knowing about it until I was too old to really be into dolls anymore but I can totally see why it would appeal to tons of people. The dolls are amazing!

    1. Thank you! Yeah, the series was definitely meant for a younger audience. As I grew older and continue to collect the dolls, the books started to collect dust on my shelf. I eventually sold them at a yard sale, but I still have the fond memories. =)

  2. Woah that's a lot of dolls you've got quite a collection there :) :D
    I like your header with the books and that cat :)
    followed you back :)

    1. Haha, its taken a long time to accumulate them all. XD
      Thanks for all your nice comments. They made my day. ^-^