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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Well, after nearly a year, I figured it was high time that I bring this blog back to life. As a reader and writer, I’ve certainly missed sharing my thoughts over great (and not so great) books I’ve read, but I think most of all, I’ve missed the community of awesome bookaholics that I befriended and the support and love that we show each other. I’ve missed being in the blogosphere, and now that I’m back, I hope that it will be a loooooong time before I take a break from Space Between the Spines.
To be fair, the long absence is partially attributed to how busy my life has been the past year (as well as my proclivity to sit in my jammies on weekends and watch Pixar and my slight obsession with an epic roleplay that’s reached well over 500,000 words by now) but I can also lay some of the blame with a rather unhelpful IT guy that initially helped me set up my blog. While my blog, in my humble opinion, is adorable and aesthetically endearing, it only had a domain name for a year. My IT guy set up the account for me and, low and behold, when the year passed up and my domain was taken down, I tried to reach out to him to see where he had hosted it and who I needed to contact to renew the subscription. Long story short, he never got back to me and, at a loss and bogged down with real life things, I let Space Between the Spines fall to the wayside for a while.
Needless to say, it’s certainly been a busy year.
You can see a post I wrote over how I was finishing up my last semester of graduate school last May, and since then, I’ve found a full time job that, while it doesn’t rake in the big bucks, lets me do what I enjoy, which is mapping. And it’s a cushiony government job, so I can’t complain. I also joined a kickboxing gym which I go to (or at least try to go to) three times a week and have been focusing more on getting healthy and in shape. Between the full time job and the exercise classes, I usually don’t get home until six in the evening most weekdays, then I have to cook dinner for the younger siblings and clean house. I have help, of course, but after a full day of work, working out, and chores, by the time I sit down to read or write like I would have a couple years ago, I would be too exhausted and just told myself I’d do it tomorrow. Further, I ended up injuring my wrist kickboxing and had to have it splinted for six weeks, then I underwent sinus surgery in November to alleviate my asthma, allergies, and chronic sinus infections.
Despite all that drama, though, I would say the past year has been insightful and – overall – a good learning experience. And as busy as it was, 2016 is promising to be even more eventful! In addition to trying to read a little more, I’ve taken up a hobby of beading and jewelry making, which subsequently led to making fancy little bookmarks. They’re a lot of fun to make and I’m hoping to make a little money of selling them in the future. If you are interested in them, there’s a tab set up at the top of my site and you can see a few samples I’ve created already. They’re pretty adorable, if I do say so myself, and I might just give a few away in drawings over the next year, as well as a few other surprises for my blog followers.
I have a couple of book events lined up this year, the first of which will be BookCon next month, May 14th, in Chicago. These are just a few of the authors I hope to see and have sign a book: Cassandra Clare, Sarah J. Maas, Morgan Matson, Veronica Roth, Leigh Bardugo, Kendare Blake, and many more! Needless to say, my friends and I are dressing up as shadowhunters. =D
Next, I’ll be going to my first ever convention, DragonCon in Atlanta, Georgia the first weekend in September. This is a big Con in general, with many special guests ranging from TV actors, artists, to authors and more. What I’m most excited about, though, is getting to see Jim Butcher and Kevin Hearne – my two favorite urban fantasy writers – in person. I passed up the opportunity to go see Butcher last year when he attended, but now that they threw Kevin into the mix, I couldn’t help myself. Now to put together my Druid costume…
Don't worry. There will be MANY pictures of both the events.
Lastly, and perhaps what I’m most excited about, is my first trip abroad. I’ve never left the US before. In fact, I’ve hardly ever traveled outside the Southeastern area, but in October, I’ll be boarding a plane to South Korea with one of my best friends. We’ll be there for two weeks and already have a great many places we’d like to visit mapped out, but we plan on visiting Seoul (where we'll visit the demilitarized zone, The Korean Cultural History Museum, Lotte World, and the Korean Pokémon Center), Chungcheong (where we'll visit a ton of temples and see the Catholic church one of our favorite K Dramas was filmed), Jeju Island (for the pretty sights and beach), and Busan (for the hot springs and spas). I’ve already gotten my passport and we’re looking at airplane tickets now. A lot is still up in the air concerning the trip, but you can bet that I’ll be updating you on plans we make, once they’re official. Until then, I’ll be trying to memorize a few key Korean words and trying to decide which book I will add to my library that will be written in Korean! I’ll never be able to read it, but it will look mighty fine on my shelf.
Anyway, that’s it for the updates for now! I guess now I have to actually work and start on a few reviews, huh? At any rate, it’s great to be back blogging and I look forward to chatting and meeting many more friends along the way in this new chapter of Space Between the Spine’s history! Be sure to check back tomorrow for my Waiting on Wednesday post!


  1. You have been super busy but it is nice to see you back!!

    1. Thanks so much! It's great to be back! XD Looking forward to talking books again!

  2. Glad you're back! It sounds like you have quite a few cool things lined up - I'd like to go to conventions like those! Personally, I can't wait to see the Druid costume! XD

    1. You totally should go to DragonCon, girl! Don't you live in the Southeast, too? If so, Atlanta wouldn't be too far a drive. Then we could ALL be Druids! XD

    2. That would be awesome, but nope I live in Ohio...

    3. Eh, I live in TN and making the drive. It's not THAT far away. XD

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks so much! It's definitely great to BE back!