Every Day Things That Can Be Thought-Provoking

If something is thought-provoking, it causes you to think about something differently or in a way that you hadn’t thought about something before. Different things in everyday life can cause us to stop and think about something we weren’t thinking about before.


People wear all different types of thought-provoking clothing. People wear different styles, clothing with slogans and sayings, and other gear such as backpacks and handbags that can be thought-provoking. During political campaigns, you might see people wearing clothing with political slogans. By reading these messages, this clothing has caused you to think about politics, politicians, and maybe even who you are going to vote for.


Billboards are a great way to get you thinking about something. Billboards are strategically placed so that you can see them as you drive down the road. Some of them have words, some of them only have pictures, and some have both. An advertisement can get you thinking without even having any words on it. It could be an advertisement for a business or a billboard for something completely different, but when you drive past it, what you see can be thought-provoking.

Television Shows

Different shows on television can cause you to start thinking about something from your own life. You may see an actor or an actress on television that reminds you of someone you know. Before you realize it, you may be thinking about that person and something that is going on. Depending on what type of show you are watching, you can begin thinking about several different things.


thought-provoking clothing

Someone who enjoys reading can be captivated by a book that really causes them to think about things. Books tell stories that are fiction, non-fiction, and everything in between. When you get into a book, you are following along with the story and your mind can be taken to different places. Stories cause you to think about things that are going on in your own life or maybe even another book you previously read.