My Rating Scheme
Since this blog is dedicated to cats, I use "pawprints" instead of the traditional stars. Despite this, the traditional rating scheme remains the same, with one paw being the worst and five paws being the best. I also include "half" paws. Please note that I tend to be a generous reviewer. I try to find the best in books, even if I didn't particularly like or agree with them. 
What Do I Read and Review?
To be completely honest, I have an eclectic taste in books. I typically read Young Adult/New Adult, Christian Fiction (General and Historical, with a particular love for Amish fiction), Urban Fantasy, and mysteries (with a particular love for cozies). But I've also been known to read Romance (regular and steamy), General Fiction, and Middle Grade novels. If your book doesn't fall within any of these genres, take a chance and send me an email - the worst I can do is decline. =) 
Interested In a Review?

Are you interested in requesting a review from me? First and foremost, please read some of my past reviews to make sure that my review style fits what you are looking for. If you think I would be a good fit for you or your book, feel free to send me an email. I accept hard copies as well as e-book copies of the material.

What Should You Include in the Request?
More information is always better. But at the very least, I'd like to see:
1.) The name of the book, the author, and a synopsis.
2.) Book cover if it's available (This helps when I go to write my review, too.)
3.) If available, I'd like to see a link to either Goodreads or Amazon (something that shows other rates and reviews)
Additional information that might prove useful:
* Is the book a part of a series (particularly if it's not the first), a companion novel, or a spinoff series? This information is pertinent, as I'd like to read previous installments to give a completely honest and insightful review.
* A small excerpt, is possible. This helps me to get a taste of the book, particularly if I'm unfamiliar with the author.
* Anything else you might like to include that you think would help me write a review useful to both you and other readers.
What You Can Expect from Me
1.) An honest, unbiased, and insightful review.
2.) At the very least, you'll see:
* The book cover
* Title
* Author
* Release Date
* Source
* Rating
* Other pertinent links
 If you'd like, I'd be happy to include a synopsis or page numbers as well. Would you like to see something added that I don't include? I'll try to work with you if possible; just make sure you make it known before I go to start writing the review.
3.) You can decide where you'd like the review to be posted. (Please note that some aspects of the review might be altered slightly when posted other places than this site. For example, I won't be able to include the "paws" or the book cover.) I typically post reviews on this blog, as well as Goodreads. But if you'd like it posted on Amazon or elsewhere, I'd be willing to work with you.
4.) More often than not, I'll post your review in a timely manner, within two weeks of receiving the material. Please keep in mind that this might vary, though, as I work and am in graduate school. If I have a list of books to review, I will review one first come, first serve basis. This might also affect the time in which the review is posted.
5.) I am a fair reviewer - if anything I'm pretty generous. I always try to find a silver lining in a book that I don't like or agree with. That said, whether or not you agree with my review or whether or not it is positive or negative, the review will be posted. 
Other Promotional Events
I am more than happy to do guest posts, interviews, giveaways, and blog tours for books I review. If you are interested, please send me an email.
Contact Me
You can contact me at greatamericanauthor@comcast.net. This information is also available in the sidebar. 

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