Tools Every Hair Stylist Needs

There are some basic necessities every hair stylist needs in his or her station. Hair stylists need to be prepared for whatever request the customer may have. Having to switch between scissors, combs, brushes, and blow dryers can become exhausting. Hair stylist tool belts can help solve this problem. Having everything you need in the same spot makes for a quicker and more productive day.

Tools to Cut With

Hair stylist tool belts

Hair stylists need to be prepared for any type of hair cut when it comes to men, women, and children. Hair stylists should have regular scissors, thinning shears, clippers, and shaping razors. Each cutting tool serves a different purpose, so it is important to have all of them. When switching between scissors and clippers, a tool belt can come in handy so that you don’t have to spend time looking for what you need.

Tools to Groom With

Grooming tools can include anything from combs and brushes to hair straighteners and blow dryers. Most hair stylists have several grooming tools at their station. Some customers may want their hair dry and straight, while other customers may come in and want their hair curled for a formal event.

Sanitation Tools

Since hair stylists work on many different people’s hair, it’s important they have sanitation equipment for combs, brushes, and other tools that touch the hair. As a hair stylist, you want to keep your tools clean and germ free so that you don’t spread anything between clients.

Styling Products

Hair stylists always have access to the latest and greatest hair care products. Typically, they have several options to choose from when it comes to shampoos, conditioners, hair gel, hair spray, and leave in treatments. People have all different types of hair and they need different products to style and fix their hair.